Three Reasons Why You Need to Buy Facebook Status Likes

If you have been debating whether or not it makes sense to buy Facebook status likes for your Facebook profile, Facebook content, or Facebook fan page (or wherever you are posting new status updates for your Facebook profiles or platforms), hopefully these three reasons below will give you the insider information you’ve been searching for.

buy Facebook status likes

Making the decision to buy Facebook status likes doesn’t come easy, and important that you know exactly why you need to squeeze every single last drop of leverage out to become successful in today’s modern business world.

Let’s dive right in!

Social proof is one of the most powerful components to persuasion

Firstly, social proof is easily one of the most powerful social and psychological triggers in the human mind – and is often underutilized by otherwise smart and savvy entrepreneurs and business owners.

Basically the psychological principle that dictates that people are too overwhelmed with decision-making to research absolutely everything that they would need to on a daily basis and instead rely on shortcuts to see what other people are excited about and interested in to base their decisions off of, social proof can make you buckets and buckets of money.

And that’s exactly what a large amount of Facebook status likes provide you with.

Credibility is dramatically improved when you buy Facebook status likes

Secondly, we all have gone to Facebook pages or Facebook platforms (or anything else on the web, for that matter) that looked like a veritable ghost town and have beat feet just as quickly as we possibly could – ignoring what could have been amazing content in the process.

This is natural, as we see those that aren’t quite as popular as less credible, not as expert, and not as professional. Conversely, we see those that are more popular as more credible, with higher expertise, and much more professional – even if it isn’t true.

With a ton of Facebook status likes, you’re going to be seen as much more credible and much more trustworthy online.

Get people to jump on the bandwagon with the right tactics and strategies

Finally, if you really want to “tip the scales in your favor” online, you’re going to need to push viral marketing and word-of-mouth marketing as much as you can. By making the decision to buy Facebook status likes, you’re doing exactly that – and dramatically improving your ability to reach out and grab new customers, prospects, and interested parties and then you would have been able to otherwise.


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